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Equality and Diversity:

Social Eyes 4Life believes that everyone should be treated with respect because everyone is equal.  We do not allow service providers and service users to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of any of the characteristics protected by diversity:


  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Race (including ethnic or national origin, colour or nationality)
  • Religion (including lack of belief)
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation



  • Marriage or civil marriage


We strongly oppose those who breach this code.


If you identify with one or more of the protected characteristics, you do not have the right to bully or discriminate against anyone who belongs to another protective characteristic group.

Vulnerable Adults

Social Eyes 4Life agrees that a vulnerable adult is someone aged over 18 who requires assistance, support, advice or counselling due to particular needs of age, any form of disability, physical or mental health problems. (Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.)


Abuse is defined as the violation of an individual's human and civil rights by another person or persons.


The 2001 'No Secrets' report by the Department of Health states the main types of abuse:


  •   Physical
  •   Psychological
  •   Sexual
  •   Financial
  •   Neglect
  •   Discriminatory


Social Eyes 4Life will be extremely vigilant and will not tolerate any form to service users and service givers. We are here to support isolated members of the community and are willing to try numerous courses of action with those who display challenging behaviour.


All staff who work with Vulnerable Adults are vetted by The Disclosure and Barring Service. Where necessary training will be gven to ensure that our clients are treated with the respect they rightly deserve.

Children and Young people

Social Eyes 4Life defines Children and Young people to be under the age of 18. We will carry out  vigorous asessments to safeguard any child attending events recommended by our organization.  The staff supporting children will be DBS checked.


The intimidation of children will not be tolerated. However, children who intimidate other service users and service givers will be sanctioned. Sanctions could be anything from an informal chat to missing a session. We are here to enable children to experience a smooth transition into adulthood and will only remove them from the service in extreme circumstances.


Transparency will be operated at all times and records kept of the children's experience at the service they attend.


We have a  'Duty of Care' to the children who use the service and strongly oppose any person or persons who will violate their rights.

Health and Safety

Social Eyes 4Life statement and policy:


  • Provides adequate protection arising from the risks of any work carried out for us 
  • Consults with employees and service users reguarding any health and safety concerns 
  • Provides and maintain safe venues and equipment 
  • Provides adquate protection when using substances 
  • Provides information, support and supervision for employees and service users 
  • Ensures that employees have adequate training to be competent in their nominated tasks through training 
  • Prevention of accidents and work related illness
  • Maintains safe and healthy working conditions and activities  
  • Ensures that this policy is regularly reviewed and updated as soon as it is required. 




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